www.spinstrackingsystem.com_sts December 20 2017 ATLWEBRADIO.com Inc.

www.spinstrackingsystem.com_sts December 20 2017 ATLWEBRADIO.com Inc.


Atlwebradio.com Inc. is a legally licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange Internet Only Radio Digital FM station.

We are monitored by Digital Radio Tracker and we report weekly with Spins Tracking System.

Atlwebradio.com Inc. was established in September of 2001. In 17 years of existence we have been listened to on over 250 countries around the world, by over 17 million listeners.

@Atlwebradio we play the hottest new Hip-Hop and R&B music.


All airplay is indicated and develops royalties and publishing money to registered artist.






We have received your new music and it has been approved for airplay on www.Atlwebradio.com.  If you are interested in airplay, placement, and promotions, our signature Featured Artist Spotlight campaign details are below.


Atlwebradio.com Promotions and Airplay Campaign $150.00 HOLIDAY SPECIAL (3 month campaign)


  • Full rotational airplay on up to two songs (7 spins daily)
  • World Premiere Exclusive Live interviews via phone or in person
  • Placement on the websites home page with single’s artwork and two social media links
  • Placement on the websites home page with youtube video if available
  • Placement on websites Featured Artist Spotlight page with photos, bio, and social media links
  • Placement in the Vote Now page to receive votes for possible placement in the Top 25 Internet Records report (Once ranked the record continues with airplay until it no longer ranks for free)
  • A blog page placement with photos and artwork in slideshow, bio or press release, social media links, on demand play buttons, for sale links for music (iTunes, amazon, and/or google play) and video url and the blog page is social media post blasted to over 150k subscribers several times throughout the three month campaign.



If you are interested in starting, make payment online securely via PayPal to Pay Family Star Publishing using http://PayPal.Me/atlradio

Call me at (404) 919-9363 if there are any additional questions.

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